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Sell T-Shirts at Zazzle

About Zazzle
Zazzle is a unique site that allows you to create products to sell using your own images or other user contributed images. Zazzle is community based and has some neat interactive features to get feedback on images you display or contribute to the community database of images.


  • Nice Marketplace with user submitted designs
  • Can put designs on apparel, posters, cards and stamps
  • Community based.
  • Can create private galleries or share them potential customers who may want to use your images on products in the future.
  • Allow for comments to be made for public designs.
  • Can add interactive components such as message boads, journal, calendars, and more.
  • Earn money when one of your designs is sold on your product. Earn 10% if your design is used even if it has been modified by another user.
  • Zazzle is linked up with public domain resources and images.


  • Only a 10% return on sales.
  • Can not create your own branded store [but can integrate some community functions]
  • Can not print on dark apparel

Paid Services

  • None. All services are free of charge with no premium service available at this time.

Potential Commissions

  • Only a 10% return on sales and 7% for sales that result from traffic you drive to zazzle. So potentially you could get a 17% return

Summary / Future

  • Lots of traffic and dynamic marketplace.
  • Zazzle's strength is its community functions with the ability to share images and build on others designs and leave comments to the artists.
  • I would like to see more ability for users to make branded stores.
  • Need a higher or more flexible commission rate.

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About Zazzle

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