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Prepare your T-Shirt Designs

So you decided you want to sell t-shirts? After you have chosen your fulfillment company you are going to need to get your images ready. There are a few options for preparing images.

1. Create your images from scratch.

You can create your images from scratch using various graphics software including the following

Graphic Software for $
Adobe Illustrator [Expensive but great]
Adobe Photoshop [Expensive but great]
Adobe Elements [Great program for the price. Expandable]
Corel Draw [haven't tried it but it is used by many]
Corel Paint Shop Pro [haven't tried it but it is used by many]

Free/Open Source Software
GIMP [Free!]
Inkscape [Free (recommended by a visitor]
Xara [Free (recommended by a visitor)]

We will have more details on creating your images soon.

2. Pay someone to design your t-shirt design

Post a project on T-Shirt Logos

3. Create your own designs using clipart.

Clipart can be used in combination with your own art or text to make great t-shirt designs. Personally I like to use clipart as a component with text and modify the colors or design with an graphics editing program.

Visit T-Shirt Clipart to find sources of clipart for t-shirts

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