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Sell T-Shirts at Skreened

About Skrened
Update: 2/18/2012

Skreened is a design-centric POD site that offers incredibly unique designs that you just won't find on other POD sites. Skreened seems more art geared, like Wordans, but even more niche, and nicer. There are really great designs on skreened that you won't see anywhere else, and far less toilet humor than on other sites like Zazzle or Spreadshirt. Skreened allows you to set up your own shop; however, there is no white label option. The site is incredibly clean and simple, reminiscent of Urban Outfitter's old website. It's easy to navigate & use for both designers and shoppers.

Skreened has a great print area, larger than most POD's with a 11" x 17" print for apparel. Skreened only offers bags and totes in addition to standard apparel, but they also offer some novelties for hipster types (it would be nice if you could customize these, or screen print on some glasses.)

Skreened's design tool is not the most technologically advanced - this makes for a more time consuming process, as every change that you make to the position, color, or other property of your design element (text, images) has to be updated and reloaded. The tool itself is very straightforward and themes very well with the site - the goal here seems to be simplicity. You're not going to get incredible designs out of this tool, but it works.

Overlall Skreened rocks and they love charity and make the world a better place with Kiva Microloans.

We have a brief breakdown of Skreened services below.



  • Open a store for free
  • Unique and tasteful design
    Simple to use
    Skreened loves charity & Kiva Microloans to help you make sales.


  • No white label option for shops
  • Can't get too creative with design tool
  • Only one print method

Summary / Future

  • Unsure about the volume of sales they do but they are a reputable company who does right so you can't go wrong with that.

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About Skreened

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