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Sell T-Shirts at Printfection

About Printfection
Printfection is the newest of the print-on-demand sites that allows you add your own designs to products, create an online store and make profits over the company set base prices. Printfection has a marketplace and allows branding of your own internet storefront to sell t-shirts, apparel and other products. While it is new, a bit quirky in parts, it is still a great place to add your designs assuming their marketplace traffic picks up.


  • Marketplace with user submitted designs (All shop designs added automatically if they are tagged)
  • Can put designs on many types of light colored apparel (more than just white!), apron, cutting boards and a mousepad.
  • Ability to create multiple branded storefronts.
  • Earn money when one of your designs is sold on your product. Set your own prices over the Printfection base prices.
  • Owners are responsive to feedback.


  • Relatively new, need to create your own traffic. Folks on the forums have complained of no traffic or sales.
  • Has a few bulk processes that are ok but missing some key bulk tools which make some steps tedious.
  • Storefront templates are not intuitive to setup.
  • Can not print on dark apparel
  • New, but no features that are significantly different or better than the competition.

Paid Services

  • None. All services are free of charge. Only make money when your designs sell on products.

Potential Commissions

  • Earn any markup over the competitive base prices set by Printfection.

Summary / Future

  • Good potential if they can find traffic (customers) but they still need a way to stand out from the competition.
  • Recommend trying it.

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