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Sell T-Shirts at Fibers

About Fibers
Update: 2/18/2012 is a relatively new POD service that focuses on the t-shirt niche of the POD market - Fibers does still have some other apparel options, such as hoodies, bibs, and some bottoms. Fibers uses Direct to Garment digital printing for their products. Fibers has a really good print area @ 12” by 17” for a t-shirt.

The design tool is the most extensive tool I've used so far - you can spend a long amount of time adding thousands of elements to your designs. The tool is incredibly fleshed out when it comes to features - you can change individual elements of Fiber's clip art (like the color, outlines, etc.) The selection of unique clip art is pretty good and you can also add effects, like distressing, to your art to give it a more urban look.

The Fibers website is straightforward, with nice graphics. The only thing lacking from the Fibers site that other POD's have is dynamic content - there isn't a rotating collection of the newest things, or any advertisements to direct you to different areas of the site. This is a nice feature to minimize clutter and ads, but takes away from the experience of the site as a whole - because unless you go through every section, you won't see everything.

Fibers allows selected designers and non profits to open their own shops on You have to apply to become a Fibers partner, which allows Fibers to curate their content to best represent their own brand. The shops aren't white label, and there isn't a marketplace where user submitted designs are sold / stored.

Fibers seems geared toward the creative consumer looking to make a gift or personal item.

We have a brief breakdown of Fibers services below.



  • Nice design tool compared to other POD services
  • Large print area
  • Not a lot of website clutter - clean, and concise
  • Company involved in charitable giving.


  • No marketplace for users to submit designs
  • You have to get approved before opening your online shop
  • Limited to banner for store customization
  • Low traffic compared to other services

Summary / Future

  • Hopefully they will open up services and have more "storefront" features.

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