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Contract DTG Printers

Update: 8/18/2012


Below are a few t-shirt printers who do contract dtg t-shirt printing. So basically if you have your own e-commerce system they will whitelabel print and ship your t-shirt orders. We have not formally reviewed any of these companies so do your own research.

Questions to ask a contract t-shirt printer:

1. What is your order turnaround time?

2. Are there fees beyond the product, print, ship costs?

3. What are your inventory policies. Do you make/let me use my own products or just use yours?

4. How often do you bill me for my t-shirt orders?

5. Do you let me personalize the return label, include a packing slip, include marketing materials.

6. What are your order processes? How do I provide my orders to you? Will you use my system to manage t-shirt orders?


Air Conway

Apex Specialties

Contract DTG

Go Blue Heron

Print Aura
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